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Entry #1

Art request

2016-11-26 17:25:31 by MrcreeperGameing345C

Hello! I'm a  fairly recent newgrounds user and a pretty young artist and today a have the worst thing you can get as an artist a ART BLOCK! So that's why I'm asking you to request art doesn't matter what it is as long as theres no nudity or gore 


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2016-11-26 17:50:41

draw this guy
basically just a guy with a pumkin head

(Updated ) MrcreeperGameing345C responds:

Just Finished it! And i hope you like it by the way i really like your style and you should keep drawing!


2016-11-26 20:24:02

ha not bad. thanks
if i started drawing at your age i'd be a heck of a lot better than i am now. but thanks, glad you think so

MrcreeperGameing345C responds:

No problem! I actually had fun drawing him and i like his design!


2016-11-27 20:00:01

try to draw this

i made it 2 years ago at school

MrcreeperGameing345C responds:

i'll try!